Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Impossible Project Partnership

I am so thrilled to partner with The Impossible Project and take their new Polaroid Film on the road with me to document my travels with Max!  Today, they posted a blog about my recent trip to Death Valley with the images I took with their film. As I mention in the blog, shooting with Impossible Film helps me to try and give up control on the end result.  At the same time, it's always interesting to see how the image ends up since there is little to no control on how it will turn out.  Even though I am pointing the camera in a direction and trying to frame the image perfectly, it's always a bit off and not what I imagined.  It helps me to slow down with my shooting and at the same time, it's fun! It's a great tool to help you out of a photo rut, if you're in one.
I look forward to sharing more images I take on my travels and beyond with Impossible Film!  You can read the blog HERE.

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