Thursday, May 17, 2012

Travels With Max

I can't imagine living on the road without my dog, Max.  There are many alone moments traveling and when he's with me, I am never really alone.  The few past years when we lived in a tent, I was a bit afraid in some of the remote places we settled in since rangers were quick to remind us at every step that we were in BEAR COUNTRY!  Max sleeps inside of my sleeping bag (yes, true story), so at times I was a bit afraid that the bears would think I'm hiding a snack for them.  We made it through and now I feel a bit safer sleeping with him in the van.

As much as I think this journey is for me, it's really for Max.  I make decisions on where to go based on how Max would like it and how comfortable he would be.  He LOVES the beach!  It's the only place besides dog parks that I will let him off leash.  When we get to a safe area where there are no roads close to the beach and there really isn't anything for miles, I click him off of the leash.  He knows once he's off, he gets to run as far as he can and dig like a crazy beast in the sand.  I've attached a few videos to prove it.  Once he digs a hole, he likes to lay in it and doesn't mind if I start to bury him in the sand.  He's been relaxed enough a few times to let me bury him.  

On our first getaway with the Van, I keep looking back to make sure that he's comfortable since he doesn't have a "routine" in the van yet like he did in the car.  He quickly found that he likes the back (after I built a throne of pillows and blankets) of the van to hang out in.  Each time I look back and see him there, he makes me smile.  

For those of you who don't know Max, I adopted him three years ago from a rescue group that had him at a farmer's market.  I've never had a small dog as my own before so I wasn't sure.  He has brought so much joy to my life.  Not to sound like a crazy dog lady, I really do love him so much.  He keeps me laughing each day.  It's amazing how a rescue dog can bring so much joy in my life.  If you are thinking of adopting, please rescue a shelter dog.  They will rescue you right back.

Why Max stays on a leash (above)

Learning at the beginning how a freak Max is at the beach

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