Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ventures in Self Photography

So, I read an awesome how-to on self photography on  I follow a good number of fashion bloggers who do their own self photography, and it's just beautiful.  However, I'm still learning on getting the focus right... and I can hardly take myself serious in front of the camera.  That, and I'm the furthest thing from a model.  But, since I was feeling especially cute in my new sandals and skinny jeans tonight, I decided to give it a try.

My first attempt... you can tell I'm not quite feeling this.


Better focus, but cut out my feet, and awkward pose...

Model? Uh, no...

I deem this my most successful shot with the timer.

So I gave up and went to the mirror!


The shoes are a little large, but I don't think it's too obvious. They were the tiniest 5.5 I could find. I can rarely wear 5s, let alone 5.5s (normally, I'm an adult 3.5/4, children's 2/3)

And my "model" face.
Top Delia's, Jean Leggings Express, Sandals Target

I'll have to try again with the self photography another day.

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